Monday, April 29, 2013

Mindo is freaking awesome.

Yea I said it.  Just like that.  Mindo is freaking awesome.  I love everything about it except for the mosquito population.  Don't sweat they are not the malaria infested "skeeters" you find in the Jungle.  But for some reason they like to attack in between your toes and your fingers so the itchiness can be unbearable without some type of cream.  BRING MOSQUITO REPELLENT TO MINDO. 

Mindo Ecuador is about a two hour drive from Quito.  The road trip itself is one of the most scenic I have seen.  You pass through multiple "micro-climates", such as Quito's cooler moist climate, into Pomasqui's dry arid southern california like climate, bypass the Middle of the World Monument (or stop by.. why not?), then finally spiral down hill on a freshly paved highway into the depths of Mindo's "Cloud Forest".  The roads are curvier than a pregnant Kardashian, so make sure you take it easy if you are driving. 

The road to Mindo Ecuador

What is a Cloud Forest?  Well, without getting all scientific, a Cloud Forest is a higher altitude "jungle" of sorts, which has a high level of diversity when it comes to animals and plant life along with birds.

Mindo is famous for it's birdwatching, (something I haven't personally participated in yet), river tubing (yes I've done this), zip lines over the forest canopy, along with hiking and delicious Chocolate.  You can also rent Quads and ride them around the Cloud Forest which is super fun.  If you are into riding quads be sure you check out "Xtreme Quadrones" in the center of town.  Tell Gonzalo and Nataly that Mike said Hello.  

Xtreme Quadrones in Mindo Ecuador.  Go rent a Quad.
They will be happy to show you how the use the Quads and guide you on where the best riding is.  You can also make arrangements ahead of time through my travel agency at  It is not a book online type thing, but it is important to contact me if you want to ride quads because sometimes the owners are in Quito, and it is hard to rent them when they are not there.