Thursday, June 20, 2013

American Licensed Psychologist living in Quito.

Hello everyone.  I would like to introduce to everyone in the expat community an American Psychologist who is now living in Quito.  He has been in the country for a few months and decided to open up his services to local expats here.  His name is Dr. William I. Perry and and his license number is #PSY10384.

He offers Online Therapy for help with Alcoholism, Drug Addictions, Anxiety, Depression
Internet Therapy Sessions via Skype.  If you struggle with any of these problems and are seeking help it wouldn't be a bad idea to contact him directly through his website .

I just thought I would spread the word since there are so few working professionals here in Ecuador.

Unrelated to my posting but I thought you all might enjoy this little skyline snapshot I grabbed of Quito.