Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Find friends in Ecuador with InterNations.

Coming to a new country by yourself can be a downright daunting experience.  Remember that Doors song "When your Strange"?  That is exactly how it feels when you and your family embark on leaving your long time home and Living in Ecuador.  The level of intimidation when you step on foreign soil with all of your earthly belongings can send shivers through your body.  Cold.  Alone.  Strange.

It does not have to be that way.  There are many others just like you.  Those who have embarked on this same journey.  Those who know how you feel.  Those who can share their stories of life in Ecuador with you and help you learn from their mistakes.  You do not have to come here alone and wing it all by yourself.

Do yourself a giant favor and sign up for:

It is an online social network dedicated to Expats all around the world!  Basic membership is free (and all most people need) and you will be able to connect directly with Ecuadorian expats JUST LIKE YOU, by registering yourself in the Quito forum.

The website allows members by INVITE ONLY, so if you wish to join, simply email me at "", and I will happily invite you.  I personally use this site often to make friends, business contacts, and obviously promote my travel agency

My wife even found a job opportunity on this site so there is no good reason not to sign up if you are considering living in Ecuador, or any other country for that matter.