Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Touring Ecuador? Things to consider.

Being that I am a Travel Agency and I specialize in Ecuador, I wanted to share this information with you.  I felt it was important to share these vital tips for planning a successful trip to Ecuador.  People should come prepared especially if this is your first time leaving your native country and DOUBLE especially if you do not speak any Spanish.  I want you to enjoy your trip to Ecuador, (no matter who you book with) so take these tips into consideration when planning your escape here.

1.  Bring a WARM Jacket, SHORTS, and Mosquito repellent. 

Yes, Ecuador is located on the equator and is considered a tropical country, however, it is also cut in half by the Andes Mountains.  Chimborazo, Ecuador's largest Mountain is 6,268 meters (20,564 feet for you guys from the states), and is covered year round in snow.  Last time I checked snow is cold, so if you want to truly experience ALL of Ecuador, cold weather will be included in the higher elevations of the Sierra.  Popular Sierra destinations include Quito, Cotopaxi, Cuenca, Cayambe, and Papallacta.  Also, bringing Mosquito repellent of some sort (whether natural or chemical is up to you) is a MUST for the other three regions and even many parts of the Sierra.  Don't forget swimming shorts for when you visit our stunning beaches!    

2.  Do not bring your expensive Jewelry and other unnecessary valuables.

Ecuador has seen much progress economically but you still need to be quite careful in what you flash as far as cash and riches.  Understand that flaunting your riches here is not culturally acceptable and could also get you in trouble with petty thieves and pickpockets looking for an easy come up.  Yes you can bring your camera's, smart phones, and tablets, but keep a good eye on them.  Your 12 carat diamond necklace can stay at home.  Most tour operators are not responsible for lost or stolen items.  

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This is especially true when coming to Latin America that you will need to arrive with an open mind.  Things are done a lot differently here than in the United States, and you will need to prepare your mind with this thought.  "You are not at home".  

 People may pee in the streets when its party time.  You may see a lot more graffiti (some of it amazing!).  It may take 30 minutes to get your food at a restaurant, and your drink may come after your food does.

 There is absolutely nothing you can do to change this.  Just be patient, and remember you are on vacation and that there is no rush.  Also, please do not expect people to understand or speak English here.  Although a decent percentage of people do speak English, Spanish is the primary language here so do not be offended if you are not understood.  Your guide however (if you book with us) will speak English. 

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