Thursday, February 27, 2014

Rainy Day in Quito - some random thoughts

It is raining today here in Quito and being stuck inside has inspired a few random thoughts about Ecuador.

1. There seems to be no real way to tell what the weather will be like here.  If that is the case, how come EVERYTIME it rains, there are always vendors ready to sell you umbrellas as soon as the first drop hits the ground?

2. Quinoa seems to be one of the new health food trends in America, but apparently here in Ecuador they have known about this super food for eons. 

3. Many of the traffic problems here in Quito are not especially due to the roads or their conditions, but more because of the way people drive here.  (see my Quito Traffic Que Bestia! post for more on this).

4. I finally found a Sushi place that makes Spicy Tuna right!  It is called "Sushi-In" on Portugal y Republica Salvador. 

5. People take their elections and voting VERY seriously here, and are passionate about their decisions.  Even though voting is obligatory here, it seems like people are very proud when casting their vote. 

6. Crime seems to have dropped significantly here in the city of Quito.  I must go research the updated stats. 

7. There are MANY apartments for sale here in Quito.  Maybe this is due to many of the newer constructions being completed or near completion. 

8. More and more places are accepting credit cards in the city.  Diner's Club is dominant. 

Just a few random thoughts that popped up in my head in the brief moment I have between virtual meetings and taking care of my family.

Hope all is well everyone!